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I am a husband and father.

My experiences with my wife and two boys are the best!  I photograph our shenanigans every chance I get.  Being behind the lens means one thing - everything I have photographed, I have witnessed with the finest attention to detail.  I love my family and the experiences we make!


I am a creative professional.

I’d be nowhere without family and friends.  However, what you see as Snapscene Photography is from my own creative vision.  The graphic design, web design, marketing . . . I’ve produced it all.  I love doing it.  And, I love learning from it.


I am a teacher.

I’ve been a presenter and teacher for over a decade - and am not bored of it. For me, teaching is exciting, therapeutic, and extremely rewarding.


I love being active.

My favourite TV show is a ‘real’ camp fire.  There’s something special about being outdoors with the breeze in your face.  If a camera’s not in my hand, you’ll find me snowboarding down a mountain or biking through a forest.


I love to meet new people and discover new things.

Half the joy of photography is making a stunning image.  The other half are the people and things in front of the lens.




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