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$49/course (see below)


Whether you are just starting out or want to learn some advanced photographic techniques, Snapscene provides relaxed and informative lessons that will have you making better photos, in no time!


- Lesson at location of choice

- Standard curriculum is followed (see below), but your questions and curiosities will certainly be addressed!

Standard Curriculum


Lesson I

Capturing Light: Understanding Your Camera

The secret is out!  All photography is, is capturing light.  In your first lesson, you'll discover the parts and parameters of your camera that enable you to capture the perfect amount of light.  You'll also be reminded, and reminded, and reminded again, that practice makes perfect!



Lesson II

Glass: The World of Lenses

There are many different lenses in the world, each for achieving different types of photographs.  In this lesson, you'll learn about focal lengths and lens speeds.  What's more, you'll also come to understand the different classes of lenses and why, in certain situations, you would use one type of lens over another.



Lesson III

Aesthetics: Colour and Composition

What makes a picture pleasing to look at?  This question is discussed in your third lesson.  Discover the basics of colour and how it can convey a mood or emotion.  Further, learn how a properly composed photo can draw one's eye in a certain direction or make one feel awkward or comfortable.



Lesson IV

Post Production: The Digital Darkroom

Before we had digital cameras and computers, there was the darkroom.  The darkroom is where a photo's transfer from film to paper happened - but, it's also where the magic happened!  Today, we have powerful computers and software that enable us to push the limits of the darkroom.  In your fourth lesson, learn how to use your computer to create images that are extremely accurate or go beyond the reaches of our imagination.



 Lesson V and Beyond

Custom Tailored Lessons

Want to learn about a certain type of photography?  Maybe you want to capture fun photos of your children, the excitement of sports, or the epic expanse of the Milky Way.  Once you understand the fundamentals of photography, we can explore whatever genre of photography that excites you!  Did I mention?  Practice makes perfect!

Prices do not include HST.

Travel charges may apply for locations outside of the Burlington/Oakville area.

Prices are subject to change without notice.