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Real Estate Photography and Video

What we do and how we do it - Real Estate Photography in its best light.


Natural light is the best light.

Snapscene Photography strives to capture your listings in the very best light.  To do this, an emphasis is put on allowing the most 'natural light' to enter the space and camera.  Natural light is the most enjoyable light and creates bright, warm, and accurate photos.


We use flash too.

We use flash lighting to fill in everything that the natural light can't touch.  This helps offset harsh shadows and brings life to rooms that have little natural light.  Blending natural light with flash creates photos that are vivid and detailed.


We don't do HDR photography and here's why:

Snapscene Photography knows how to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. We simply choose not to use it.


To explain - HDR photography is when a photographer captures a series of photos of the same scene (from overexposed to underexposed) and blends them all together.  This process creates a single 'equalized' photo that exaggerates details from the bright and dark areas of the scene. The visible details are welcome, however, HDR photos often look unnatural or 'over-baked'.  Objects that are supposed to be bright white or deep black end up looking dull and grey.


Snapscene Photography's process presents no less in detail. Things that are supposed to be white, look white, things that are supposed to be black look black, and everything is vivid and bright.  Where we do use HDR photography, is where it works best - outdoors.  HDR does offer the flexibility to show details in the sky, while retaining a perfect exposure for the home's exterior and landscaping.

HDR - Dull and muted details

Natural Light and Flash - Bright and accurate details

Real Estate Photography Package


Package Includes:

- Unlimited photography of entire property (up to 3200 sqft)

- Photo files fully processed and optimized for print, web, and MLS

- Secure proofing and photo file download gallery

- Branded virtual tour webpage (includes slideshow, description, and Google Map)

- Feature sheet layout (provided as a PDF - printing not included)

- 24 hour turnaround time (however, photo file turnaround is often same day)

Click here for Virtual Tour webpage examples


Add to your Photo Package . . .

$69 - Community Photos - include up to three local amenity photos, within 5km radius of property

$129 - Twilight Photos - include up to three evening photos to highlight exterior lighting and landscaping

$129 - Rush Service - photos processed and delivered within 2-3 hours of the photo session

Real Estate Photography and Video Package


Package Includes all services from our Real Estate Photography Package, plus:

- Full featured HD real estate video tour (up to 3200 sqft)

- Video tour is a virtual 'walk-through' style with detail and highlight shots

- Custom titles with your branding

- Complimentary upload to your personal video channel (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

- 48 hour turnaround time

- Add aerial footage (captured via quadcopter drone) for just $49 more

Travel surcharge may be added for properties outside of Halton and Hamilton Regions.

Please inquire regarding info and pricing for properties above 3200 sqft in size.


Prices do not include HST.

Prices and packages are subject to change without notice.